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Currently, there is a need for millions of interior designers in India only, combining freelance projects as well as the jobs are available in architectural and in many firms, you can easily choose an interior designing field in India. If you are one of those design aspirants who want to make the interior design as a career, here’s a list of things you must and should know about the interior design field.
Here is we discuss on some myths about interior design.Interior decoration and interior design are same-  you might be good with colors textures, your selection of home décor objects might appreciate by all people on your interior decoration skills, but it is not sufficient to become an interior designer because interior decoration is a sub domain of interior design.
Interior design is entirely about design- Unlike other design domains interior design is not entirely about design concepts it's a different thing. Along with ID skills like technical drawing, material knowledge, furn…


Summer is here and it’s time to think about making a purchase of a refrigerator. In this season Indian market getting flooded with new model refrigerators. So that’s why we confused which refrigerator is better for us or which not. If you don’t want to change your refrigerator then search about Fridge Repair Services in Gurgaon. There are some tips to keep in mind when you buy a new class refrigerator. I hope it may help you.

Brand- The first thing you have to do before you go to buy a new refrigerator that makes a research on which brands refrigerator is a best-selling refrigerator. So it makes easier for us to choice a right one. From the research, you got a list of few brand and models list, from the list you can select refrigerator.
Price- Price is playing an important role when we buy any new product. We need to go with only those products that are in our budget. Otherwise, if we go for higher one, it just wastes of money, because of it more than our requirement. With this part, we…


Air conditioner is basic need of this time, because air pollution makeenvironment very dirty, the time of spring, summer and winter also not fix now days.  When we are looking for new air conditioner  that time we face many question, how we maintain air conditioner, is this beneficial for us or not. In our family no one knows how to install an Air conditioner, how we can install it or if company person install it then how much he charge for it. AC Installation Service In Gurgaonis a simple answer of all questions. Because after one registration the company person comes at your home and install the air conditioner.
If you looking for new Air conditioner then you must know about these things. Capacity- the capacity of the Air conditioner is depending on the size of the floor or room for which the Air conditioner required. For small room, 1.5 ton AC is enough but if a room is big then we need 2 ton AC.
Energy Efficiency- if you looking for new Air conditioner then an energy efficient model…

Electrical Vs Electronics

To Every non-tech person, if you would ask about the difference Between Electrical and electronics, he might not clearly differentiate that. We have done the survey of hundreds of people and asked the same question to everyone and about 70 % of the people replied the same that there is not a big difference between them. However, let me tell you these two branches are far away from the reach of each.
Electrical Engineering is the branch of engineering which deals with the production and distribution of the electricity either on the large scale or at the intermediate level. They primary deals with the transmitting the power with the electrical as well as the mechanical objects, electrical machinery, problems of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy, motors and their control, electrical controls in factories and transformers. One of its objectives is to provide electrical power to customers. On the other hand, if we talk about the Electronics then it deals with …

Latest Gadgets Good or Bad?

Everyone is telling that we are developing in every manner but are we really developing or moving towards decaying ourselves? Electronic gadgets are marking their benchmarks in the market in every morning with the opening of our eyes the new gadget launches in the market and the interesting thing is that we are not identifying that it is a pros or cons for us. However, we know that every coin has its two faces like that these Electronics latest gadgets have also some advantages and some disadvantages.

TheElectronics Gadgetswere invented to reduce the human efforts but for the moneymaking minds, these gadgets are the source of money in the market and to fulfill our needs we are over depending over these gadgets. If we take some examples of some electronics gadgets like iPod, phones, MP3 player, Television etc. no doubt these are very advantageous but only if used in limited sustained manner. If we talk about the computer then it was I invented to help humans for doing complex calculat…


REPAIR OR REPLACE OUR HOME APPLIANCESJust like relationship between peoples, home appliances also play an important role in human life. However, many time any problem occur in the appliances we can’t decide, what to do, we must repair or go for new one. On many occasion, several companies offered many schemes to purchases much needed appliances in a cheap prize, that’s a good chance to replace our old appliances by new one. But before to spend the money on a new home appliance, here are some useful instructions to help you make the right choice between many choices or many offer.
1.Product warranty period is over or not- if there is any problem in our appliances we have to check manufactures warranty document, normally companies provide 1 or 2 years product warranty.  If our product in warranty period, customer can repair their product for free by under company services.
2.Consult with customer care executives- if your product in a warranty period then there is no problem, company repai…


HOME APPLIANCES REPAIR SERVICEIn this era home appliances is an important part of a home. If any appliance will damage, we immediately call a technician or if it is too much old, then as soon as possible we change the product because without home appliances many works of housewife will suffer. Anyone whose refrigerator, dryer or any electronic item were damage, they know the importance of dependable repair person. To ensure fast and reliable repair service we provide a list of top service providers in Gurgaon, it may very helpful for you, and this list creates through public review.
Repair Adda provides all type of repair services in Gurgaon, it covers all areas of Gurgaon. It provides fitness equipment services, kitchen appliances, home appliances, electronic equipment, electrical equipment, musical equipment, office equipment services etc.It works for maintenance and repair service in Gurgaon. The vision of seeks to bring you the best technicians, electricians, gar…

Elliptical Machine – Single Machine Multiple Benefits

We are living in the era in which everyone wants to be fit and look good.  To remain fit they do many things like Aerobics, Zumba, Cross Fit, Cardio etc. As the word cardio comes in our mind the first thing strikes is Elliptical Machine. An elliptical training machine is also known as Cross trainer/X-trainer is a stationery machine, which is user to do stair, climbing, Walking, Running without causing excessive pressure to our joints, hence decrease the risk of injuries. Because of only this reason people with the injuries, prefer Elliptical training machine to stay fit. The best thing about the Elliptical trainer machine is that it offers a non-impact cardiovascular workout that can vary from light intensity to high intensity based on the speed of the exercise and the resistance set by the user.
History The first published work on the subject of elliptical path generation is given in 1988 by researchers at Purdue University.5Elliptical trainers first entered in the market in the 1990…