Latest Gadgets Good or Bad?

Everyone is telling that we are developing in every manner but are we really developing or moving towards decaying ourselves? Electronic gadgets are marking their benchmarks in the market in every morning with the opening of our eyes the new gadget launches in the market and the interesting thing is that we are not identifying that it is a pros or cons for us. However, we know that every coin has its two faces like that these Electronics latest gadgets have also some advantages and some disadvantages.

The Electronics Gadgets were invented to reduce the human efforts but for the moneymaking minds, these gadgets are the source of money in the market and to fulfill our needs we are over depending over these gadgets. If we take some examples of some electronics gadgets like iPod, phones, MP3 player, Television etc. no doubt these are very advantageous but only if used in limited sustained manner. If we talk about the computer then it was I invented to help humans for doing complex calculations but the use of this have led to the adverse effect of that like

The increase of stress: -Working in an office is becoming hectic nowadays not because of workload but due to the continuous exposure of eyes to the computer screen. Which is not at all good for your healthy eyes. Continuous watching of a screen will increase the stress on the mind through the eyes.
Internal organ disorder we have made ourselves so much dependent on the computers as if we do not want to live without the gadgets. Most of the diseases are because of less physical activity. Most of the people are getting diabetes as once we are locked before computers we do not (or cannot) do any physical activity, which makes your physical fitness to get worse.Obesity is the one more factor for the adverse effect of the computers. As we sit in front of the computer and do the filthy things for our entertainment by boycotting the physical activities.

Neck, shoulder and wrist pain is also the big disadvantage of the computer like if you sit on the computer for a long time then after certain time you would feel the Neck, shoulder and wrist pain. Not only these the computer is making person lazier day by day and the writing skills are decaying. This is all about the computers now think if the computer single reflects these adverse effects than how much gadgets we are using in our daily life and how much impact they are making on us. 
Therefore, as the conclusion we can say that the electronic gadgets are not the life lines but the line to live life more easily so think with the presence of mind because it’s your habit which will make long-term effect on your own body so it’s your choice to improve your health or to decay your health.


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